Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ain't that the truth...

“Preaching is one of the greatest privileges of the pastorate. It is also one of the most fearful responsibilities. In all honesty, to stand before the congregation and proclaim ‘Thus says the Lord’ seems a bit ludicrous to me. Who am I to offer these people God’s Word?…I think about the people in those pews with whom I have fallen deeply in love. I think about those who are overworked and those who have been worked over by the hardness of life. I remember the woman who has filed for divorce, the young man who is afraid he may have AIDS, the older couple that didn’t want to move into a nursing home. The [choir] anthem ends. I make the long walk to the pulpit, begging God to use my words to bring some of his hope into their lives.”

From Yearning by M. Craig Barnes