Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snow Day

As we gear up for a snowy weekend in northeast Ohio (and I gear up for my ordination), here is my weekly list to get my loyal readers through to next weekend.

In the CD player is 'Home' by Keller Williams. He's an acoustic guitar player with a sound similar to Dave Matthews or Jack Johnson, only more quirky.

For a fun DVD, watch Bubba Ho-Tep. Here's the plot synopsis: the real Elvis and a black guy who thinks he's JFK battle a mummy in a nursing home. Interested? Plus it's Bruce Campbell, so it's gotta be good.

I'm currently reading The Faith We Proclaim by Elmer Arndt. It's been sitting on my shelf for a while and I started it on the recommendation from a listserve I'm a part of. The tagline is "The Doctrinal Viewpoint Generally Prevailing in the Evangelical and Reformed Church." So it's a work of historical theology on one side of what came together to form the UCC. Arndt used to be the church history professor at Eden, and listed on the Theology Committee that helped put it together is John B. Noss, who taught Religion at Heidelberg years ago. The book is out of print, so good luck finding a copy. But it's an interesting read if you're into church history at all. If not, go watch Bubba Ho-Tep.

I have no television show to recommend, because television generally sucks.

Read this blog post. I know it's from my own blog, but it was sitting in my drafts folder for a while and I didn't realize that it would publish where it did.

Enjoy. Have a good week.