Thursday, January 06, 2005

Very Soon.

Yes indeed, friends. It's happened. I've plunged deeper down the spiral into my web addiction and have found a new way to hide from the sun.

Why a blog, you ask? I don't know. I've never been tremendously dedicated to journals in the past. The gaps between dates are ridiculous. But here I am with a new toy, a new outlet for the same stuff I've spouted on about from one forum to another, composing my thoughts to edify people with names like Macfan and BobtheMule.* But if you've seen some of the pseudonyms I've used over the years these will seem pretty tame.

Anyway, what gems can you expect from this trifle of a site? Well, who am I to promise gems? I'm just a guy trying to condense his internet time down by a few hours a week, but my interests remain the same: faith, life, music, books, and of course coffee. Loooooots of coffee.

So pour yourself a cup and stay a while. Welcome to the blogosphere to me. I hope it's worth our while.

*I can personally vouch that both Macfan and BobtheMule are interesting people to talk to and I in no way mean to make light of them. Except their names. Just a little.


Anonymous said...

Bartok, welcome! Looking forward to reading here.:)

(Forgot my password so I'm anonymous....LOL)

I didn't know your ordination was so!


grannymac said...

lol! i have definitely been edified by your thoughts!

macfan :)

Anonymous said...

I love google... I can find stuff like this...
you love my name and you know it ;p


Jeff Nelson said...

Haha, welcome Bob. Hope things are going well with you.

Marshall said...

Jeff, what sort of IM are you using now?