Saturday, January 29, 2005

Weekly recommendations

It's been a slow week in the blogosphere, mostly because it's been a busy week elsewhere. But shame on me if I don't get my weekly list of recommendations to my loyal readers....all three of you....anyway....

I picked up Jim Wallis' book, God's Politics: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It, yesterday. I hope to start it soon. I'm guessing it'll provide some good fodder for future posts.

I also just recently started listening to Radiohead. I'm not sure why, but I was never really interested before now. They're really good. I've got The Bends in the player right now.

For television I'll recommend to you one of the few shows I make a point to watch any more, ESPN's Pardon the Interruption. It provides a quick rundown of the top stories in sports every day. It's like Sportscenter, only a half hour shorter and with more arguing. Plus you get to watch those great Guinness commercials. Brilliant!!

Two movies for you this week. The first is Napoleon Dynamite, which is apparently becoming a cult classic very quickly. It is quite a ridiculous little film about a high school nerd who really doesn't care what anyone else thinks. I quote lines from it around the house and it drives my wife nuts. The second is Anchorman, which I found more hilarious the second time. I'm still trying to decide if Wil Ferrel will end up going the way of Bill Murray or Chevy Chase. I don't know that there's middle ground on this.

Around the web, check out Guitar Chord Finder. Brilliant!!

Enjoy. Have a good week.