Saturday, February 05, 2005

Check this stuff out

Well, it's Saturday and that must mean you get a list of pieces from around the pop culture world for your viewing/listening/reading pleasure.

I'm still working my way through the Wallis book, and it's very good. He talks about (and I agree) how faith can and should influence politics, but not in ways that forces it upon others or leads one to thoughts of being set aside, chosen, and affirmed in any and all political action one may take. That's dangerous thinking walking a hairline between presumption and idolatry. Good stuff.

Something a little different in music today. A seminary friend got me interested in Chill Out music, and so I recommend Chill Out Album, Vol. 4. I personally like the first CD better, but others may disagree. It's good music for.....chilling.....out.

Television....hmmmm....television.....I got nothing.

We watched the original Shrek last night. Still a decent romp over any and all things Disney.

Around the web, check out Martha's Musings. It's a light-hearted blog from a UCC pastor in Maine.

Enjoy your week.