Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's not about you - Part 2

This is kind of related to Sunday's post, but not really. But kind of. You'll see.

There's another piece to the whole 'why aren't I more excited to be here this morning?' question, and it has to do with a reason I stated in my previous post: '...I was cursing having to come in Saturday morning to finish my sermon...'

Aha!! For the past, well, pretty much the entire time I've been here, I've only been taking one day off a week. Saturdays have been used for sermon tweaking. I'm either sitting in the church office typing or practicing in the sanctuary. It's been a working day. Friday I've been faithful in making a point not to go anywhere near the church building, but Saturdays which I call my 'on call' day (read: not actually working but available in emergencies) have more often than not been working days.

So I present all this to the pastoral relations committee last night, concluding that I'm going to do better about staying away from the church on Saturdays barring the occasional happening that requires me to be around. They not only affirmed this move, but even suggested a different day off other than Saturday so that I could avoid those special occasions interfering in my day off. I told them I'd think about that.

They're so good to me here.:)