Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lenten Challenge

We are a week away from the church season of Lent, that 40-day long time of preparation for Easter that is traditionally marked by study and prayer. Many people 'give up' something or are especially mindful about daily devotions. It really is my favorite season of the church year, as I have a great appreciation for the piety of my E&R ancestors, and book study, if my readers haven't already guessed, is truly important to me.

The first year I really took Lent seriously was my freshman year of college. My good friend Ian and I both decided to give up television that year, and I was just beginning to immerse myself in the content of my Topics in Biblical Literature class. In lieu of being mesmerized in half-hour blocks by drivel that I'd forget a half-hour later, I worked my way through The Historical Figure of Jesus.

The next year we'd give up television again, but it wouldn't be nearly as meaningful or productive. But I continued my own tradition of study. In the years following I've read The God of Jesus, With Ears to Hear, and Meditations on the Cross, among others.

This year I'm looking for a good book dealing with the Old Testament. This is where I'd like some help from my blogosphere comrades. What would you recommend? I have a few ideas, but was hoping for some input from you, my loyal reader.

Meanwhile, I continue on with the Wallis book. It's pretty good so far. More later.