Thursday, February 17, 2005


Lots of visitors here as of late. And some good activity in some of the comments sections as well. I was wondering how long I'd really stick with this before getting too bored with it or too busy with other things, but 2-4 new posts a week ain't bad for a guy trying to balance full-time ministry, a marriage, and wasting time on the internet.

I visited a coffeeshop this afternoon that I know will quickly become a new haunt of mine. They have an open mic twice a month, so one day when I work up the nerve I'll climb onstage with my guitar and play a few tunes. Meantime I'll curl up in the corner with a bottomless cup and read.

Speaking of, I've finished God's Politics. It's an excellent read and I highly recommend it. I'm starting to get distracted from my original plan to read an Old Testament-focused book and becoming increasingly interested in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, especially with at least two mainline denominations, the Presbyterian Church (USA) and my own United Church of Christ, have been or are beginning to talk about advocating divestment from Israel (apparently two resolutions concerning this matter are going to the floor of General Synod this summer). What I'm hoping during this possible new study venture is to locate some sources more objective in nature as both sides have their fair share of advocates. Too much Israel-as-victim or Palestinians-as-saints and I start to get suspicious. So if any of my loyal readers can help me out with locating a good history book or two, I'd appreciate it.

Well, tomorrow is my day off and that means that on principle I keep away from the church. What's in store instead? Any number of hobby-related activities. In other words I'll either be reading or playing music. In addition, at some point I travel to Heidelberg for the second Friday in a row. Last time it was to see my brother play Oscar in The Odd Couple and this time it will be to hook up with my wife's family for a little while. Good times.