Friday, February 25, 2005

Time Management and Other Random Musings

~I enter into my two days off with a completed sermon and confirmation lesson sitting in my office across the way. No chance of me going over there to tweak them either. What's done is done.

~On a related note, in order to prepare for a true two days off rather than a day off and my rationalized working Saturdays, both the sermon and the confirmation lesson were tweaked throughout the week. Inspiration, write a few paragraphs, leave it alone. Wash, rinse, repeat. This is actually the way I wrote sermons in college, which while looking back I may have changed my mind about some of the content I still consider to be some of my best ones. And the last couple weeks have seen some pretty darn good ones, in my not so humble opinion. My approach lately has been to set aside one afternoon and force inspiration to come out my ears, producing mixed results. Go figure.

~Over the past year or so, a quote by Winston Churchill (hopefully no relation to Ward) has arisen a couple times on my journey. It goes something like this: 'If you aren't liberal when you're young you have no heart. If you aren't conservative when you're old you have no head.' I've always thought this quote to have kind of a defeatist edge to it: 'You're allowed to be idealistic when you're young, and then when you grow up you'll realize that the world sucks and will never change, and to think otherwise is to remain in your young naive stupid ways.' Couple this with a few articles I've been reading on Reinhold Niebuhr whose life sees this quote played out. Anyway, the point of this random musing is that I'm starting to admit to myself that in certain areas I'm becoming 'conservative' in my young age. Or maybe I always was. I'll leave the specific issues for other days. Disclaimer: 'conservative,' not Republican. I generally don't have much use for partisanship.

~Speaking of my young age, I waved goodbye to my early 20s this past Wednesday. A friend made this comment the day I turned 20: ''re halfway to 40.' Now I'm even closer. Good for me.

~I'm starting to require less sugar and cream in my coffee.

~I miss exercise. I need more in my life.