Saturday, February 19, 2005

Weekend fun

It's Saturday, so you need some stuff to read/watch/listen to. I can help you out.

I haven't settled on a new book yet, but one on my nightstand I'm considering is The Origins of Virtue by Matt Ridley. This book was assigned reading in a college course years ago and I've been meaning to re-read it. The back cover describes the book as 'A brilliant examination of man's most basic instinct--the desire for mutual aid and trust.' It's genetics, psychology, and anthropology all rolled into one. Woo!

We watched Love Actually on Valentine's Day. This is a great film. It fits in the category of 'romantic comedy' but it's not really the predictable sappy kind that Matthew McConaughey always stars in. Instead, it's a British film starring a good dozen or so recognizable people in various relationship scenarios, all kind of interrelated but not really. Just go watch it.

Currently in the CD player is Passion by Peter Gabriel. It's the soundtrack for The Last Temptation of Christ and parts of it are quite stunning. Come to Maundy Thursday service here and you'll get to hear a little bit of it.

You know what television show I've allowed myself to get sucked into? Celebrity Fit Club. Yeah, the guy who despises television in general and 'reality TV' in particular watches Celebrity Fit Club. But I've found that VH1 has that ability in general. Flip on one of those 'I Love [Insert Decade Here]' shows and watch a half hour disappear. It's really weird. But anyway, Celebrity Fit Club is about these eight celebrities (the Snapple lady qualifies as a celebrity) who are trying to work toward a healthier weight with no liposuction in sight. I think it's because I've become more health conscious the past few years that a show like this is able to snare me into staring at the idiot box for an hour.

Just added to the blogroll is Waskow's Weblog, a blog by Rabbi Arthur Waskow.

Enjoy and may your upcoming week be merry.