Wednesday, March 02, 2005

...and stay off!

I was thinking about this today and thought I'd share it with my loyal readers.

All right, so when I entered seminary 3 1/2 years ago, I weighed 175 pounds. This was actually the weight at which I graduated college minus 10 because I had just come off a summer as a camp counselor where a good chunk of every day was spent hiking around in the hot sun. So I gained that 10 back with little effort at all.

Anyway, the next two years were spent (as were the previous 4) making late night trips to fast food places of various sorts. I didn't think much of it because it had been the norm for me before. But on top of late night snack runs I began to substitute meals with this 'food.' Wouldn't you know, soon I had cleared 200 pounds, getting closer to 210. Luckily I was beginning to really notice that this was a bad thing, so I tried jogging. Jogging lasted about a week. Then I tried taking walks every day. I lapsed on that pretty quick. Eden students got free memberships to the Webster University gym, so I got one of those. At first I would work out and then reward myself with--what else?--a McChicken sandwich and fries. Stalemate.

So in January of 2004 I made up my mind that I was going to weigh 190 by graduation. Gone were ALL fast food runs, gone was ALL regular soda, and hello to salads. Lots of salads. And if I needed to, I would crawl or be dragged to that gym 3-4 times a week.

After a month there was a little more room in my waistline. After two months I was fitting more comfortably into pants I had given up wearing altogether. And by May of 2004 I was down to 190 pounds. Somewhere in there I picked up diet soda and a strong relationship with the eliptical machine. This past summer while I filled in at my home church, part of my responsibility while staying in the parsonage was to walk the pastor's dog. A 30-minute walk almost every day for 2 months took me down almost to 180.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I don't have a normal workout routine right now. We have a few aerobic tapes and for whatever reason I can't stay dedicated to them. It was one thing for me to walk to the gym, get on a machine for 45 minutes, come home and get on with my day. For some reason I can't get into the same routine with these people with smiley faces wanting to 'hear me breathing.' It's probably just that I've had such a long layoff that I need to get back into the habit, but people on workout tapes just bother me. And an eliptical machine just doesn't fit in our budget that well. I've been walking around the church cemetery, but since it's been minus 317 degrees the past few weeks, I haven't really wanted to do that very often. A gym membership? Almost as hard on the budget as the stupid eliptical machine.

Most of this is making excuses, and I realize that. It's just that those workout tapes drive me nuts. But that's the best option right now if I'm serious about it.

Guess I'll go pop one in. Rats.