Saturday, March 12, 2005

It's a cold snowy Saturday morning and we need some stuff to keep ourselves entertained. So here's some.

Still trying to get through
the Ridley book. This afternoon I think I'm gonna curl up on the couch with my cats and try to get through more of it. In the meantime, I'll recommend for you another book: Sky Knife by Marsella Sands. This book was given to me by a man at one of my field education placements in seminary. It's by his daughter. It's a good piece of historical fiction set in a Mayan city in the midst of its heyday.

We watched a couple movies this week. We saw
The Forgotten with Julianne Moore, and that was adequate. The same day I rented that, I also bought 25th Hour, which I'd seen before and really enjoyed. It stars Ed Norton as a convicted drug dealer spending his last night as a free man with his closest friends out on the town in post-9/11 New York.

This week I picked up an album called 'Unclassified' by
Robert Randolph and the Family Band. They're a good mix of jazz-rock-gospel-soul. This album keeps it light and I wouldn't mind hearing more from them.

No TV recommendation for you this week. You had to have seen that coming.

Here's something to get stuck in your head while you're at work.

Enjoy your week.