Friday, March 04, 2005

It's a day early, but I am presenting you with your weekly dose of pop culture recommendations today. Why? I had a revelation (more like a re-revelation) this morning that I spend way too much time on the internet. So tomorrow the computer stays off while I read a book or play my guitar or anything other than warm the seat of the desk chair.

Hey, speaking of books, I'm still reading Ridley's The Origins of Virtue. Did you know that it's been observed that when chimps go hunting, they tend to give the spoils to female chimps more likely to have sex with them? Yep, this is what your pastor is reading about.

We've seen two movies this week, and they couldn't be more different: Shaun of the Dead and I, Robot. The former is a healthy combination of comedy and horror/thriller, similar to Evil Dead where it pits Joe Average against the forces of evil. The latter is loosely based on some of Isaac Asimov's sci-fi writing, pitting Joe Not-so-Average against artificial intelligence. Both are very good.

For music, check out a band called Stockholm Syndrome. A little rock, a little funk, a little political anger. Good for what ails ya.

How come every week I make it a point to tell you that I don't have a television recommendation for you? Do I protest too much? I hope not....

Around the web, check out Google Scholar. It links you to articles on whatever you type in. For example, whereas searching on normal Google for 'Israeli/Palestinian Conflict' might take you to Bob's Sweet Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Watch and Balloon Animal Instructions, searching for the same thing on Google Scholar will retrieve academic analyses on the conflict's economic implications, the battle for water, and comparisons to other conflicts through history. It's a very handy site to use.

Enjoy. Go out and fly a kite tomorrow or feed pigeons or hang out at a coffeehouse. Okay, so maybe only one of those is possible right now in the Arctic tundra that is northeast Ohio, but give your computer the day off. I will be. Cheers.