Saturday, March 19, 2005

It's Saturday, so you need stuff to help pass the time. Hey, here's some...

Not only did I finish Ridley this past week, but I went through another book: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. This was made into a movie a few years ago starring John Cusack, which is actually number one on my top 5 movie list (two plugs in one!). The novel is fast reading and provides a pretty accurate look into the male psyche regarding relationships (my experience, anyway). Now I'm on to From Beirut to Jerusalem, a book chronicling one reporter's experiences in...Beirut and Jerusalem. So far it's provided some pretty graphic accounts of the Middle East conflict(s).

We've seen a few movies this week. I've already written at great length about Man on Fire. We also saw (well, I also saw) Boondock Saints, which I'd been wanting to see for a very long time and finally did. It goes in the same category as Reservoir Dogs and is about two Irish brothers in Boston who decide to go on their own vigilante mission against organized crime. Not bad. We also saw The Incredibles this week, which I found to be surprisingly dark. It's not exactly the cartoonish romp that we've come to expect from Pixar. I mean, it was good (and I'm a sucker for anything with Jason Lee), but not always little kid friendly (one scene features Mr. Incredible hiding behind the skeletal remains of another superhero). Guess that's why it's rated PG.

This week I picked up Citizen Cope's self-titled CD on the recommendation of an online buddy. It's pretty good. I've only listened to it once through so far, so I can't really elaborate that much. But I enjoyed it.

Around the web, check out Gizoogle. It's quite ridiculous.

Have a good week.