Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Random Musings at a Slightly Absurd Hour

~I kind of wish I had brought home that kitten who greeted me at the community service tonight.

~Tuna fish mixed with hard-boiled eggs is awesome.

~I jumped rope today, which means my calves won't work right when I get up tomorrow.

~Who really knows what Terri Shiavo wants?

~I wanna go to Seattle. BECAUSE IT'S THERE!!

~Who's ever been 'logically' argued into church?

~After Jesus raises up, my schedule's gonna have a small reprieve. And then it'll just fill up with other stuff.

~My chicken fajita was good, but your hovering over me to ask how it is wasn't.

~I didn't realize just how many old people go to Florida in the winter.

~I need to be in bed, not in front of the Idiot Box's Evil Cousin.