Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Random Musings at a Slightly Absurd Hour

~I kind of wish I had brought home that kitten who greeted me at the community service tonight.

~Tuna fish mixed with hard-boiled eggs is awesome.

~I jumped rope today, which means my calves won't work right when I get up tomorrow.

~Who really knows what Terri Shiavo wants?

~I wanna go to Seattle. BECAUSE IT'S THERE!!

~Who's ever been 'logically' argued into church?

~After Jesus raises up, my schedule's gonna have a small reprieve. And then it'll just fill up with other stuff.

~My chicken fajita was good, but your hovering over me to ask how it is wasn't.

~I didn't realize just how many old people go to Florida in the winter.

~I need to be in bed, not in front of the Idiot Box's Evil Cousin.


Dave said...

Heh. I'm amused.

Still not got Haloscan? Dagnabbit.

Jeff said...

Haloscan came and went. You blinked.:)