Thursday, April 14, 2005

10 Random Thoughts to Prove I Still Write Here

~Four committee meetings this week. What moron set THAT up? Oh, wait...

~I haven't seen the finale of The Sopranos Season 5. I know what happens, I just haven't seen it.

~I know that you want a new fellowship group, but you need to realize that you need to help start it.

~Putting up the flag in the morning and taking it down in the evening is mildly irritating. But I don't want it to get all ratty like the last one.

~How come every time I mention doing a hands-on mission project you just stare at the floor?

~My cat likes to climb on the keyboard. nb Like right now.

~The Phish CD is overdue.

~How long could I go before my readers completely give up looking for a new entry?

~Which do you think God cares about more: right doctrine or right action? Take your time before answering.

~My other cat likes to climb on...everything. Little weirdo.


Anonymous said...

I think that looking at the floor when hands on mission projects are mentioned must be univeral because everytime i mention it i get the very same response.

Sounds like you are getting a bit overstretched? Hang in there and always remember take time for YOU!!

yours in christ

Unknown said...

Right action, baby. Right. Action.
My cats like to walk on the keyboard, too, which is better than walking on my face while I sleep!

Jeff Nelson said...

Nah, no overstretching for me....yet. I still managed to finish my Sunday morning work yesterday so I can relax today and tomorrow.

One of my cats in particular will lick my face until I get up and fill her food dish....or until I throw her off. But she doesn't give up very easily.:)