Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Axes to Grind

We all have 'em. You can watch them pop up regularly depending on who you read or listen to. Greg's has been megachurches as of late. Chuck's is whatever Bush does. Dave's is abusive fundamentalism. One of Nick's is Dave Matthews Band. That one hurts. But anyway, after thinking about this this morning, I began wondering if someone could pinpoint an axe to grind on my silly little blog. And I think you can, at least in recent postings.

Read here, here, and there's some in here. I thought there'd be more, but I guess that's been it lately.

I wonder how well the church lives it's faith, and how much better it could. Something clicked with me those three years that I constantly heard that 'the church is mission' and we are called by Jesus to go forth in love (as opposed to staying here and waiting for people who need love to come to us). The least of these aren't always, if ever, going to show up on our steps so we can start taking care of them. It involves going outside our comfort zones, outside our Starbucks and malls, setting aside our Purpose-Driven Life study or whatever William Sloane Coffin book we're getting through this week, and doing something. To care is to do. Where have I heard that before?

I thought this post was going to be longer, but I really can't think of much more to add right now. I'm not much for ranting this morning and it doesn't help that I'm getting convicted by my own words.

P.S. Journaling has skyrocketed since last I wrote. I put down 6 1/2 pages yesterday, whereas before that my longest entry has been...3. We'll see if that keeps up, though.