Friday, April 22, 2005

Cyberholics Anonymous

I've always had a love-hate relationship with the internet, more specifically with discussion fora. I first logged on to the discussion fora over six years ago when they were just beginning, indulging in some light-hearted conversation and connecting with other UCC members across the country. At some point they added a theology discussion and more serious battle lines were drawn. My wife in particular can attest to my stewing (boiling, really) over some of the discussion that took place there. It was an addiction that I couldn't break that was informative as it was infuriating. For those who doubt that 'conservatives' are not always welcome in the UCC, I know of some who let me know once upon a time that I wasn't, in more 'conservative' days. Of course, that can hardly be chalked up to 'The UCC,' but pockets of members really don't want 'conservatives' here, and vice versa for 'liberals.'

I digress. Sort of. Long story short, I logged off for a time only to allow myself to get sucked back in at a later date.

In the meantime I wandered through other fora, some out of passing curiosity and some on a more permanent basis. The subjects varied as did the tone of discussion, and I like to think that I've been informed, for better or worse, by visiting these places over the years. Part of it has been my itch to always be writing, and part of it was a morbid fascination with arguing with faceless monikers, and part of it has been the realization that I do come away with something from these places as learnings have manifested themselves in other writings, conversations, and even sermons. It's the same with any blog addict, which I resisted becoming until just recently.

I'm coming to a point where my interest in the cyber-battlefield has greatly waned. I only visit two or three places on any kind of an irregular basis nowadays. I'm more a blog reader now than a forum arguer, and I can't say that it's always a suitable replacement, if I was looking for a replacement at all. Perhaps my original intent to make this wacky little place the focus of my internet musings is working, or I'm simply feeling the need to move on to other ventures entirely, or both.