Friday, April 15, 2005

Prayers Over Coffee

V, undergoing surgery early this morning.

W, who just might be mad at me after what I said a few nights ago.

X, who I just found out is getting married early this summer.

Y, who might finally be close to finding a church.

Z, with whom I have no real grudge to bear any more but against whom for whatever reason I have kept one close anyway.

And for the church in general, I pray for authenticity, integrity, and conviction. Authenticity in word and deed--ESPECIALLY deed--to the two greatest commandments, authenticity to one another, for speaking the truth in love, IN LOVE, when another is being less than authentic, authenticity to one's own failures. Integrity to Jesus' message and a profession that his life was worth emulating in any way. Integrity to carry one's cross. Integrity to self-sacrificing love that pushes us outside our comfort zones. Conviction when we become too comfortable. Conviction when we are no longer surprised by God. Conviction when we lose our saltiness. I pray for authenticity, integrity, and conviction, that we will be continually transformed into willing followers of one who showed love, forgiveness, and passion from God and toward neighbor no matter what the world around him thought.