Saturday, April 16, 2005

Saturday Recommendations

Here's Saturday, and here's some stuff to enjoy.

I've been breezing through two shorter books this week, the first being The Gospel According to Tony Soprano. Got a favorite TV show or movie? Wait long enough and someone will pick it apart to look for theological themes. The main theme on which Chris Seay focuses is human depravity, how The Sopranos actually mirrors our own lives more than we'd like to admit. But you have to look at the show as more as just 'about the mob,' and hone in on the characters. Still, it's not one I'm going to use for a study group any time soon. So I finished that earlier this week and am now in the middle of Conversation as Ministry, which is about exactly what the title says: how to enter into pastoral conversation, how to help guide it, the importance of meeting people in their own skin, and so on. It's a good read, complete with lots of anecdotes from over 20 years.

Widespread Panic's 'Bombs and Butterflies' has been in my car this week while I've been driving around. That sentence sounds funny if you read it the right way. They just got back from a year-long hiatus and honestly I haven't listened to much of their new stuff. They're a rock/country/blues outfit with a rabid (and sometimes very critical) least in my experience.

No movie recommendation this week. Yeah, I know. SCANDAL!!

Family Guy returns to Fox on May 1. While you wait, watch the underappreciated Arrested Development.

Around the web, Melon Man is fighting evil in small-town Ohio. He sounds strangely like someone I know...

Have a good week.