Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Special Welcome to Googlers

Reach Out and Touch the Screen has a good entry on people who stumble onto one's blog after doing a Google search. I'm afraid that those who have come here via a search are not nearly as disturbing/amusing as hers, but I offer some thoughts nonetheless to those coming across my trifle of a site looking perhaps for something else.

Wesleyan Quadrangle - I get a couple of these every week. Yes, it's comprised of four sides: reason, experience, scripture, and tradition. That's really all I got. Want origins, a backstory, doing a college or seminary paper? I'm not gonna be much help.

allintitle: Philosophy Coffee - You've come to the right place...I think. Welcome.

UCC Conference resolutions General Synod 2005 - Go to Best I can do.

ohio heidelberg college girl blog - You must be very disappointed.

"karl barth", "universal salvation" - Yep, he had a brilliant take on how everyone gets in. It really is a cool little argument on which to chew instead of reaching right for the sticks and lighter fluid.

Walter Brueggemann divestment - How these might go together is questionable, although I heard he wrote some stuff about Israel once (this is sarcasm, play along).

schiavo "loss of consortium" - I didn't even write very much about this circus, but it was enough to bring someone here once upon a time. And probably never again now that we've moved on to the next personal scandal.

"praise songs" and "creation stories" - Not a bad one. I can't think of any praise songs off the top of my head that deal with the creation stories, but I'm sure there are some, albeit maybe not directly. Sorry.

See? Not nearly as colorful as what Liz writes about. But I gave it a shot. Maybe in a few months we can do this again.