Tuesday, May 03, 2005

10 Random Thoughts for a Tuesday Evening

~I don't wanna go to my committee meeting.

~A while back a colleague opened a seminar telling a story 'when I was greener than I am now.' For some reason that phrase has stuck with me. Maybe because for me it don't get no greener and I can't wait until I can begin a story with that phrase, too.

~One of the local papers' columnists has an article about pastors who blog today. I'm not in it, but I thought it was interesting.

~After a two-week layoff, I'm back on the exercise wagon. Two months until the beach. Gotta step it up.

~Ramen noodles are the best thing since around the same time they came up with sliced bread. Maybe a couple months after or so.

~The alb was too long, so I'm having it hemmed.

~Go Pistons.

~Why do cats wait until you're asleep to walk all over you?

~I haven't heard from someone in a while. Maybe I'll call or e-mail them after my meeting that I don't wanna go to.

~That red button thing is fun, isn't it?