Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mid-year Resolutions

As I wrote a while back, I am a delegate to the UCC's General Synod this year, and resolutions have been published on the UCC website for a little over a month now. Next week, I'll share some thoughts on these resolutions under my own semi-clever groupings:

The Controversial - resolutions on marriage, divestment from companies in Israel and Palestine, opposition to Israel's 'security fence,' addressing the conflict in the Sudan

The Fluffy - pronouncements on the UCC advocating 'peace with justice,' a call to work 'for the common good,' calling for environmental education and action

The Mildly Politically Divisive - calling the UCC to advocate 'fair trade,' support for the International Criminal Court, promoting religious freedom for Native Hawaiian prisoners, advocating stewardship of God's creation since fossil fuels are declining, saving Social Security from privatization

The Practical - support for campus ministries, making churches more handicapped accessible, a proposal to change the layout of General Synod, advocating adequate compensation for UCC lay employees

The Non-Issues - pronouncements that the UCC is a Christian denomination and that the Cross Triumphant is the official UCC symbol

I'll take one of these categories starting Monday and work through to Friday. Gosh, it'll be exciting.

Oh, and look forward to another early edition of the Pop Culture Roundup later today.