Monday, June 06, 2005

FIERCE Communion

While preparing to deliver home communion to shut-ins this week, I had to make a trip to buy some grape juice. I have a little kit that I take with me that includes a small container for those little styrofoam wafers, and a small bottle in which I pour the juice. Usually I take whatever juice is left over from the previous Sunday's communion, but none was left. Hence this trip.

The town in which I live is severely limited in terms of shopping options. We don't have a grocery store. We have a drug store and two gas stations. But as I was in a time crunch, I was not able to drive the 10 minutes to where we buy our food. So the drug store would have to do, as I had bought from them before. But alas, on this particular day they were out of grape juice. They had Cran-Grape juice (blech), but no straight up grape. Now, I must share that as far as I'm concerned you can do communion with Doritos and Mountain Dew, but I decided to stick to the traditional formula of bread (styrofoam) and juice. One of these days I'll hunker down with my shut-ins with some chips and soda, but not now.

So it was off to the gas station, where again they had a lot of Cran-Grape (who drinks that stuff?), but no grape. I guess one fruit is just too boring for most people. But toward the back they had one cold section devoted to Gatorade. Did they have grape? Yes, they had grape. But it wasn't just grape, it was FIERCE Grape. It's like the Ultra grade of grape juices.

So this week we're going to have our styrofoam and our cups of FIERCE grape juice. I'll have my congregants doing backflips for Jesus by the end of the week.