Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Life in General

After what turned out to be one of my stronger weeks (IMO) of posting, I've been feeling a lull this week. There's plenty to talk about, but I've either been away or preoccupied with other matters.

I disclosed to my music committee chair this morning that I don't like a lot of the praise songs in our praise book. She actually said that she doesn't either. The songs come from a time when praise music was really hitting its stride for the Boomer generation, and a lot of them talk either about blood or God going to war on our behalf. And when the lyrics aren't atrocious, the tune is. At the same time, it boasts a few really wonderful gems that I'm going to hang onto. I'm looking forward to acquiring a CCLI license, which as far as I'm concerned will be my own license to get more modern music for worship. That and I'm beginning to write my own. Hoo-ah!

I'm finding this week's lectionary generally uninspiring. I've settled on Genesis 18:1-15, which is Sarah laughing at the thought of having a child. I'm exploring how there are many different types of laughs (a hearty guffaw to an uncomfortable chuckle), and asking what sort of laugh Sarah might have uttered, before turning to the different types of laughs that we might make when told that God will work through us in a particular way. The thing is, I can't bring myself to type a single paragraph. I pull up my outline and stare at it for an hour without pressing a key. The remedy for this, I've decided, will have to be reverting to a different style of sermon writing that I haven't used since before seminary. Once I hit my preaching class, I was typing out sermons in full manuscript form. Before that, I used an outline form that would allow me a greater measure of freedom when speaking. I wouldn't be tied down to my notes as much. I think that part of the reason I made the switch was because I'd look back on these outlines and wouldn't be able to remember what a particular note meant. One point would just say something like 'dog story' and I'd have no clue what story about a dog I had told. That didn't do me much good if I wanted to look back to re-use a sermon piece.

So there you have a few things here and there on which to chew while I go about my week. T-Minus 22 days to Synod and counting.