Friday, June 10, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

I'm still working on God Is Not..., the most recent chapter being, 'a capitalist.' The author talks about various parables that Jesus told such as the Vineyard Workers and the Lost Sheep, which illustrate some bad business decisions. He never offers a definition of capitalism, and if he does I missed it. But all in all the chapter seems to say that God is simply not a money-grubbing businessman who leaves the poor to their own devices. The two have their parallels, but it would have been more helpful to read where he was coming from in terms of the system that God does not endorse. And incidentally, he is also quick to add a disclaimer that by saying God is not a capitalist he is not saying that God IS a socialist.

We watched Chicago again this week. I want to play Richard Gere's part. That'd be so cool.

I caught part of VH1's Storytellers featuring Coldplay the other night, and it reminded me how much I like 'A Rush of Blood to the Head.' So I gave it another spin. They don't write terribly complicated songs, but the use of the piano and the addictive hooks just suck me in.

Around the web, the Religious Liberal has some thoughts to share on the fallacious argument that 'liberal' churches are failing because they are 'liberal.' I'll share my own thoughts on that later.