Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Synod Resolutions: The Mildly Divisive

Can ya name the truck with four wheel drive.
Smells like a steak and seats thirty five

This category was originally 'The Mildly Politically Divisive,' but I scratched 'Politically' because they could be divisive in other ways. And I say 'Mildly' because there are typically a group of resolutions like this that come before Synod that play to some people's particular social justice interests yet may just be ignored by everyone else. Most may feel that they can't be bothered by some or all of these issues.

So this year we have concerns for Native Hawaiian Prisoners' religious freedom, support for the International Criminal Court, and advocating stewardship of God's creation in an age of declining fossil fuels (this one might also be filed under 'Fluffy'). After realizing how long-winded the last post got, I'm just mentioning these and moving on.

A resolution advocating 'fair trade' coffee will come to the floor this year, which has been an interest of mine for a while now. You can find a good FAQ page on 'fair trade' here. Basically, 'fair trade' assures a fixed price on coffee, the second most highly traded commodity in the world behind petroleum, in order that those who farm coffee and their communities might recieve a more just payment for their work. Like every program, it still has its flaws, some of which are mentioned here (although this particular list speaks in terms of 'coulds' and 'mights'). Others might argue against 'fair trade' because they'll automatically denounce anything that carries with it even a whiff of socialism. Nevertheless, this is a resolution and program that I'd support, and that includes striving to improve it.

The one other resolution that I've placed in this category is one that speaks against the privatization of Social Security. I admit that I'm not well-versed on this issue and its place in the 'Mildly Divisive' category is also questionable. This is another one that I'll tackle at a later date. Chalk it up to my rushing to talk about Synod without being fully prepared. I've got a month. No big deal.