Here and There

Rev. Kenneth Samuel was one of the featured preachers at General Synod, and his sermon can be found online here. Better to track down an audio or a video of it to get the full effect, though.

Prickly City is a comic strip featured in a local newspaper, and apparently is a nationwide thing. Its basic schtick is a little girl and what looks to be a dog arguing about politics. It's like if Calvin and Hobbes were merged with Doonesbury, only with a more 'conservative' bent and...well....not funny. Check out this strip from the other day. That's the sort of humor that's been featured for months: playing on lowest common denominators and jokes that were sort of funny a year ago when they were first told. Wanna seem edgy and satirical? Talk about the so-called 'Dean Scream.' Again.

I was originally going to present similar 'humor' from a more 'liberal' standpoint, but the example that I had (concerning Bush...who else?) might actually be against the law. Yes, not only is it not funny, but it could get someone arrested. So whaddaya think about that?

I can see the Goodyear Blimp from my window right now. Cool.