Friday, July 08, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

It just wouldn't be Friday without my recapping those elements in books, music, movies, and internets that I've been sampling this past week.

I made it through Walter Brueggemann's The Prophetic Imagination, finishing it in the Atlanta airport before coming home. He writes of prophets addressing the 'royal consciousness,' that consciousness that numbs us to the notion that how it is is not how it has to be, proclaiming that there is nothing new under the sun. Sovereign earthly entities want their rule, proclaim their rule, the way that they have established, as 'forever,' and when people resign themselves to that 'forever,' there is a loss of hope and loss of an ability to feel pain, to grieve the very real mortality of the situation. 'Forever' is not really forever, but the numbness of the royal consciousness keeps people from seeing that. Prophets give voice to that grief as well as hope in an alternative reality, which belongs to God, a true 'forever.' It's a great read. I'm now about 60 pages into Marcus Borg's The Heart of Christianity, which for me personally has not yet proposed a whole lot of new ideas. But it would be a decent introductory read for a class or for someone struggling with a paradigmatic shift in their faith.

While in Atlanta I was lazily flipping channels and settled on a movie called Grind. It is a silly movie, about four skater friends who want to skateboard professionally. You don't have to engage many of your brain cells for this film, but it has some pretty hilarious Happy Gilmore-level moments.

I decided not to bring any music with me on the trip. I don't know why. It was uncharacteristic of me. So I have no music recommendation. But what I DO have is a rare television recommendation. A few weeks ago, Michael Imperioli (of The Sopranos) joined the cast of Law and Order, apparently as a guest star. I don't know how permanent he'll be on the show. Still, it was cool to see him on the other side of the law. Speaking of The Sopranos, the 5th season came out on DVD a few weeks ago.

Around the web, check out Early Christian Writings. A wealth of information at your fingertips.

Enjoy. Have a good week.