Sunday, July 24, 2005

Some Good News for the UCC

United Church News reports:

Denominational leaders said this week that as many as 15 different churches and church groups have inquired about affiliating with the UCC since the meeting of its General Synod earlier this month.

On the heels of a General Synod that dramatically spiked the church’s national visibility, inquiries have come from a variety of sources, according to the Rev. David C. Schoen, the UCC’s minister for evangelism.

Schoen said the inquiries include expressed interest from three significantly large congregations representing three different regions of the country -- with a combined membership of nearly 12,000 parishioners.

“Interest has been all over the map,” Schoen said. “The interest has ranged form people wanting to plant a church to churches wanting to affiliate with the UCC to groups of people wanting to know about the UCC and how they might become affiliated with the UCC as a new church start. It has all been very exciting.”

While at Synod, we were introduced to 100 new churches that had formed over the past two years. There are new communities of faith forming in the United Church of Christ. While we grieve the present and potential departure of members and congregations over The Vote, we are also seeing new buds blooming on the tree, and we can be thankful for that.