Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Trying to Jump Start the Ol' Fingers

Greetings again. As I've been settling back in after a wonderful vacation, I've been preoccupied with certain things. Can you guess what some of those things might be?

I've had some respectful and honest conversations with parishioners this week about The Vote, with more to come. Of course, we're all just getting started on this issue and I wonder what the future holds. It's a complicated issue and even more complicated to try to address it effectively with 160-odd people. There will, however, be no sermon on it per se, as a 20-minute talk in the context of worship would be neither extensive nor appropriate. This is a matter of education and pastoral care and a sermon wouldn't address those needs.

I finished The Heart of Christianity, which is amazingly good, and Shepherd Leadership, which is not as good.

Greg has a great post up about worship.

As for my thinking out loud about shifting the blog focus, I've decided not to change much. This blog will end up focusing on UCC issues often because that's who I'm a part of. But it won't be entirely UCC-focused. So it'll basically be what it is now.

And hey, guess what? This blog just celebrated its 6-month birthday. How about that.