Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Differences Within Denominations

I found this on the UCC discussion forums. My apologies if the author didn't want it printed, but I found it well-written:

I hope UCC splits up and ceases to exist as a denomination.

I hope the same for MCC, because I disagree with some of the things they did.

I hope the diagreements that are going on with the Episcopal Church/Church of England dooms it to failure too.

In fact, I hope all the denominations fail, and all the churches descend into chaos. It would serve them right, because they're all wrong in some way.

Then, when we're done breaking the ties that bind our churches to each other, maybe we can focus on breaking up our own churches over differences in doctrine, liturgy, and coffee hour.

When we've completely disassociated from each other, we will finally all be free. Each one of us can be right, worshipping alone.

I wonder which one of us will end up being the one who is saved.