Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Later Summer Night's Dream and the Dinner Before

Last night I had a dream that for one reason or another I was invited to Gwyneth Paltrow's birthday party. Luckily, a Heidelberg theatre friend was also invited, so we rode together. What was my brilliant idea for a gift? A Coldplay CD. Seriously.


Last night I attended a regional dinner for the Association to say thank you for churches' contributions to Our Church's Wider Mission, the offering that funds the UCC in its other settings. A table had been set up with various brochures, stickers, magnets, and so on. In addition, a video of various UCC-related mission work played. At one point, the bouncer ad came on. As the commercial went through its routine, I began to notice how quiet the room had become. A large chunk of the people present had stopped to watch. Whether one had stopped for a moment of reverence or private disgust, it had an effect on the crowd. It's like we all stopped to watch the elephant eat his hay before returning to our own conversations.