Pop Culture Roundup

I'm still between books. Isn't that something? Instead, I have a recommendation for Relix magazine, which mainly covers the so-called 'jamband' scene (think Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, etc.) It features concert and CD reviews, interviews...you know, everything typical of a music magazine.

The other night we watched The Jacket. Adrien Brody plays a guy who barely survived Desert Storm. He comes home with a bad case of Gulf War Syndrome. Before he knows it, he's wrongly accused of killing a policeman and is sent to a mental facility where Kris Kristofferson thinks putting him in an all-body straightjacket and shoving him in a mortuary drawer for hours at a time will make him better. While in the drawer, he has visions that help him help others. It was a good film.

I've been listening to a lot of Tenacious D recently. I don't have the album and I don't know why.

In a rare occurrance, I have a TV recommendation. I've become addicted to the show Entourage on HBO. It's about four childhood friends from New York who move to Hollywood. One's an actor with a rising star and the other three make themselves busy as manager, gopher, and personal trainer. Jeremy Piven (a favorite of mine and the reason I started paying attention to the show to begin with) is his fast-talking agent and plays the role perfectly.

Around the web, check out Brian McLaren, emergesque, and The Dying Church, all newly added to the blog list.

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