Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

I've started two books this week. The first is David Sedaris' Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, a series of humorous essays about life in the Sedaris household growing up. The second is Mirosalv Volf's Exclusion and Embrace, a theological exploration of who we are vs. who the 'other' is. The latter is for an online discussion group that I joined this week. I'm not very deep into either one, but Sedaris is his usual self in describing the awkward and wacky time of his childhood.

We watched Sin City the other night. I'm a fan of the film noir style, so I figured that I'd enjoy this. By the middle of the second or third vignette, I was hoping for the end. I can't totally explain why, but I had a hard time finding any redeeming value in this film. Eventually I figured that it could be a launching pad for a discussion on human depravity. I guess that'll work. The film is less violent than some I've seen, but even so, that's what I grew tired of the most. All the same, the cast list is amazing. There are a lot of recognizable faces in this film, beyond who is used to advertise it.

This week I've been listening to The Wiseguys' The Antidote and Zero7's Simple Things. I've been in a more electronic mood, I guess. Play the former at a party you want to keep moving. Play the latter when you want to relax.

Last night I enjoyed a glass of Stephen Vincent cabernet sauvignon. While looking up a website to which I could direct you--the winery, perhaps--I came across Vinography. It's a blog all about wine, and the author has sampled Stephen Vincent. Two in one.