Monday, August 29, 2005

Pre-Season Prep Talk

The Unapologetic Novice is starting seminary. Here's hoping that she does well.

And since she's starting, that means that my own alma mater is gearing up for another year as well. I know at least one person in the incoming class, so here's hoping that she and the rest of the new students (I always called them noobs when I was there) find a comfortable rhythm in studies and just as importantly, NOT studying.

I've mentioned before that the fall used to be the premier season for me. It still mostly is, though my main reason no longer applies. I used to love fall because it meant the start of the school year. I only have reunions and class listserves to keep me connected now. Well...I live close enough to my high school to hang around if I want, but seriously...when I was IN high school and saw recent (and not so recent) graduates hanging around for no other reason than they were still stuck in town, I prayed that I would never be That Guy. I've only been That Guy once. It was a year ago this week when I still lived in St. Louis and had nothing better to do than tell horror stories to the noobs. The light bulb went off and I realized that I was That Guy. It provided great motivation to find a church.

So once again, here's to high schoolers, those in college, and to the noobs. As the leaves turn and the autumnal smell touches your nose (you know the one), concentrate and do your best.

And then find a job and leave town as quickly as possible.