Wednesday, September 14, 2005


~ The top team in the National League West has a losing record. The Padres aren't a dark horse to win the World Series, they're a three-legged blind horse.

~ Meanwhile, the Indians are sitting atop the Wild Card in the American League. This makes me happy for two reasons: We have a good chance of seeing Cleveland in the playoffs, and we have a good chance of seeing New York NOT in the playoffs. I just hope that Wedge's boys can keep it up.

~ There are more important things in life than complaining about Cleveland's team's nickname. My opinion.

~ For the first time in probably a decade or so, I bought baseball cards the other day. At the local fair they were selling early 90s packs for $.50 each. Some even had gum in them, which I did not chew. I got some decent names out of it, though they won't be worth anything for another 10-20 years.

~ I love fall.