Friday, September 02, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

I missed this last week, didn't I? Ah well...

I'm still working through Volf's Exclusion and Embrace, and I will be for a while. My online discussion group reads a chapter a week. Plus it's kind of dense anyway. I'm between 'fun' reading at the moment, but am leaning toward the 6th Harry Potter or The Color Purple. I already know The Big Event in Harry Potter, but I enjoy the books.

I have to make up for lost time with summarizing recent movie-watching. The past two weeks we've seen Constantine (typical Speed/Neo/Ted Theodore Logan performance from Keanu, interesting artistic rendering of hell), The Grudge (was praying for it to end, much less creepy than The Ring, annoying sound made by Scary Girl, in general...dumb), both Ghostbusters (comedy classics...well, the first one anyway. The second was okay) and Eurotrip (teen comedy set in Europe...lowbrow, but some bits are much more clever than most in its genre).

This morning I popped in a CD on which I'd compiled several downloaded music videos. The first was Sarah McLachlan's Possession. You know how people have short lists of artists that they liked more before everyone else started liking them? Sarah McLachlan is one of mine. Before she was doing Lilith Fair and contributing songs to pop theology Meg Ryan movies, I had Fumbling Toward Ecstasy in my stereo all the time. The second was dc Talk's Jesus Freak, which was an anthem for an entire generation of Christian high schoolers and college students.

Around the web, Church World Service is setting up relief funds for New Orleans.

In the mug is Nepenthe. In the goblet is some more Stephen Vincent.