Friday, September 23, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

I'll be with Volf for a few more weeks. I've just now caught up with where the book discussion is, and I'm about to fall behind again. It's been a good read, although I admit that I haven't been playing close enough attention to parts of it. Chapter 5 deals with finding an objective approach to justice, and how ideas of justice are colored by culture, nationality, religion, and ethnicity. If we attempt to remain satisfied that each group has their own system that works for them, we quickly run into either 1) the hypocrisy of becoming appalled at one's execution of justice and deeming it wrong, or 2) indifference to violence that erupts between groups trying to assert their justice on the other. I gave up a while back on the argument that 'that's just their culture.' Volf cautions against it, to be sure. He also cautions against deeming one's own brand of justice as supreme as it is colored by one's own place in history.

We watched the Adam Sandler version of The Longest Yard last night. It had been advertised as a comedic romp, but there were more parts of it that were nothing close. I've heard from most places that the original is vastly superior, that it was more edgy and dark. The remake has some decent moments of social commentary, particularly on the issue of racism. And I wouldn't be myself if I didn't add that Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, and Goldberg (professional wrestlers) all put on some decent acting performances.

On rainy fall days, some of Dave Matthews Band's slower quieter material hits the spot.

On TV, I've been watching the Indians. That is all.

Around the web, Christian Century asks what challenging youth ministry might look like.

Coffee of the week is Equal Exchange's Organic Ethiopian. Say that 5 times fast.