Thursday, September 08, 2005

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I've had quite a few visitors here the past week and a half looking for connections made between Sodom and New Orleans. I guess they mostly don't find what they're looking for because their visit length is marked as '0,' which means they were here less than 5 seconds.

Good. I am pleased, no, ecstatic, that you are disappointed that you can't soak in another theory that God punished New Orleans. Go elsewhere to find sanctimonious pet theories on how 'those people' are more sinful than you are, more deserving of homelessness and illness, better targets for God's wrath. Go elsewhere to find writers who are 'just preaching the word of God' and 'speaking the truth in love' and whatever other sort of pious cliches they use to try to make it seem like they aren't responsible for the words they say.

I dare you to go look one of those victims in the eye and tell them to his or her face that the reason that they have no home or food, the reason their children are slowly dying from any of a dozen diseases, the reason that they are up to their waists in corpses and human filth, is because they sinned and God saw fit to destroy their lives. Go ahead. Tell them. I'll wait.

I'm not sorry that I couldn't be more of a help to you, 0-second visitor. To be fair, you didn't find my site interesting enough to stay otherwise. No harm done. I suppose we broke even in a way. You'll find what you're looking for. There are plenty of others in cyberspace latching onto this Sodom theory. There's plenty of theo-porn out there to be found.

Great. Now I have to deal with people looking for 'porn.'

Move along. Nothing to see here. And in case you missed it, I'm not sorry about that.