Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Early October Meanderings

~The leaves are still green and the weather's still warm. Ahem...autumn now. Hey! Autumn now!

~Yes, yes, no Indians in the playoffs to speak of. The Yankees are division champs and the Red Sox are the wild card. That never happens. This is a monumental playoff year. Maybe we'll even get to see New York and Boston play each other for the pennant. It's a long shot, but we can hope. Seriously though, last year was amazing and I was glad to watch history in the making and Boston can repeat, good for them. Meantime, I only have one other thing to say: Go Cards.

~In my new 'preaching without notes' weekly schedule, today is outline-making day. That assumes that I've come up with illustrations and a coherent idea of what I'll be talking about, which is only partially true. The text is Exodus 32:1-14, the story of the golden calf. It helps that I wrote an exegesis paper on vs. 7-14 my final year of seminary, along with a sermon, but I'm not really feeling the sermon I wrote then. I might borrow pieces from it, but that'll be it.

As far as reflecting on the text in general, I've always been drawn to how God is presented as changing His mind (Hebrew: 'repent'). This is one of those texts that stands out for Open Theists in terms of God being open to Moses' feedback, even learning something from him. Calvinists, in my experience, don't really know what to do with it without suggesting things that aren't there ('God was making Moses think that he was helping out, but God's plan was to stay in covenant all along'). What I more recently realized is that the heart of this text has more to do with God's faithfulness and remembering covenant. God's changing God's mind, while important to address theologically, is not the ultimate message. God's choosing to remain faithful is.

~I feel more creative when the paraments are purple. That's the cute little phrase I came up with yesterday to describe my love for Advent and Lent. It won't be long now...