Sunday, October 30, 2005

October 31

Tomorrow marks two occasions that live in various states of infamy in the minds of faith communities.

First, it is Halloween. The debate has long raged whether Christians should celebrate this holiday, and if so to what extent. It's one of those 'mixed bag' holidays (along with Christmas and Easter, we could argue), claiming its roots both in pagan ritual and in the Christian celebration of All Saints Day (an alternative name for Halloween being All Hallows Eve). Due to the blood and gore and celebration of grisley death scenes that it has inspired over the years, Halloween has been relegated to the 'non-Christian' pile for some, not to be touched except in 'alternative ways' such as Judgment Houses and Fall Festivals where people can dress up in non-threatening costumes. To each their own. As has been our house's custom the past few years, we'll be inviting some friends over and watching a few horror movies. As I'm not a big fan of the genre, I can indulge for a night. I'm more a fan of the creepy psych-you-out type of horror movies than the 'run away from the guy with the knife' type. The latter are a dime a dozen and they usually suck. The former takes work and creativity.

Second, October 31st marks the anniversary of Martin Luther having the gumption to nail his 95 Theses to the Wittenburg door. Fun fact: people were always nailing stuff to the church door. This wasn't even Luther's first attempt to debate the issues. He nailed another set of 97 Theses on the door before the one that got him in trouble. It's just that the first set didn't question the tactics and practices of the leadership. So tomorrow is Reformation Day. It should be noted that it is NOT Protestantism Day. Luther intended no such thing. If we cast the day in terms of reforming church practices to remain true to God's kingdom rather than 'Luther took it to them damn Catholics,' then we in turn remain true to the spirit of the day. And I can't help myself: this is how a fellow blogger celebrated the day. Pretty creative, I thought.

Tomorrow also marks the anniversary of my dad's ordination. 'You are not your own.'

So enjoy the day, however you celebrate it.