Friday, October 07, 2005

October: Fair Trade Month

Did you know that October is Fair Trade Month? is.

Fair Trade seeks a regulated wage to be paid to coffee farmers, among other benefits and products. A short list:

  • Producers receive a fair price - a living wage. For commodities, farmers receive a stable, minimum price.
  • Forced labor and exploitative child labor are not allowed
  • Buyers and producers trade under direct long-term relationships
  • Producers have access to financial and technical assistance
  • Sustainable production techniques are encouraged
  • Working conditions are healthy and safe
  • Equal employment opportunities are provided for all
  • All aspects of trade and production are open to public accountability

Read more about it here.

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Unknown said...

I had quite a conversation with my daughter in the supermarket yesterday, as we bought Fair Trade or Equal Exchange coffee (two kinds) and cocoa (which I was very excited to find at the big grocery store; we buy a Fair Trade brand at the health food store). One small thing...