Friday, October 21, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

Back into action! And what better way to kick things off than a P.o.C. staple...

Noting that I needed a major break from theological reading, I am now about 200 pages through the sixth Harry Potter book. For whatever reason, this has been a faster read than some of the previous ones. That's probably because I was reading them in seminary.

This past week we watched the entire first season of Arrested Development. It's absolutely brilliant. People have been fretting about its low TV ratings and the prospect that it might be cancelled, which I call a travesty. Yes, let's cancel this show so we can instead watch Law and Order: Meter Maids or CSI: Roanoke or perhaps another lazily slapped together sitcom with laughtrack. We need more shows like those. Definitely. Seriously, check out this show if you never have before.

I went with a friend to see The Decemberists this past weekend. They have quickly become one of my favorites. Their sound might be compared to They Might Be Giants (and so might their fanbase if the crowd was typical of who you see at their shows), although their sound is also their own. They're a little Irish (even though they're all from Portland, Oregan), a little folk, a little rock. I recommend the albums 'Picaresque' and 'Castaways and Cutouts.'

Around the web, an increasing amount of the blogs on the sidebar are 1) taking hiatuses, 2) committing to posting less frequently, or 3) moving on completely. And with each one of these decisions, cyberspace misses out a little more. What's more, I feed off of them for the energy needed to sustain this trifle of a site. What were the Transformers without their Energon cubes? What, I ask? Nothing! My Energon supplies are waning! What that means is that I must explore new corners of the blogosphere for theological commentary, preferably with a little taste for upsetting the apple cart to them. High Calvinists and longhand Bible quoters need not apply. Nothing (much) against them, but scrolling through half a chapter of the Westminster Confession or 2 Thessalonians to find an original thought and I quickly become bored. The search begins...