Friday, October 28, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

I breezed through the end of Harry Potter. The books just keep getting darker and the last one is set to be no different judging by the last line of this one. I also enjoyed RealLivePreacher's book this past week. It's a collection of entries from his blog along with a few unpublished additions. He really is an imaginative writer, and as honest and vulnerable as can be. Some might find that refreshing.

Every once in a while as I flip channels, I end up on VH1's I Love the 80s 3D, the latest installment of their series where talking 'celebrity' heads muse on fads, movies and music from afforementioned decade. At first I thought it would actually be in 3D, but now my hunch is that they're playing off the name of the Jaws sequel. Preeeeetty cleeeeever. Who would've thought that an entire series could be made of all the crap a decade produced? I had nearly (and happily) forgotten about the My Buddy doll and the hairstyle known as the 'rat tail,' and these guys have to drudge all that up again. I love me some Sour Patch Kids, though.

As a result of our recent Arrested Development craze, I've been listening to Final Countdown over and over. Otherwise it's been stuck in my head.

Around the web, Emerging Grace has been added to the blog list. She is best described as a post-church Christian (as others on the list are) who is seeking how best to live out the kingdom.