Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another Worship Post

Scott is soon starting a new entity called Club365. It's a church/nightclub hybrid borne from an emergent mind. I really wish that there was more to the club's page because I'm curious as to what this place will entail. Obviously your grandparents' church, it ain't. One can inquire about the definition of church. I'm fairly certain that this place won't gather on Sunday mornings and if it does it won't look like anything that one would think to find in a worship service.

In an earlier post I mentioned a candle that I used during late-night meditation sessions where all I did was watch the shadows bounce around the walls, maybe sip a drink, pluck a bass string, talk out loud. This might not be considered an act of worship. To even think of proposing this as the new format for Sunday mornings would already assure its failure. It wouldn't die in committee, it would be tied to a cinder block and thrown into the river. We need our 3 hymns and a lecture. We need our repetitive choruses and a pep talk. To just sit in a room staring at a flame while pondering the universe's meaning? To think of a nightclub atmosphere as a church, as an act of worship? That last question piques my curiosity and that's why I check the website an absurd amount of times every day to see if any more explanation is given!

Why not? David danced before God. Heck, he danced NAKED. No three-piece for him! I wouldn't advocate for such a thing on Sunday morning, but there are more...ahem...freestyle forms of worship in the Bible, let along throughout history. Consider the Taize community in France where they just keep singing until the last person decides that it's enough. Consider the setup for a Quaker meeting where silence is observed with the possibility of it going completely uninterrupted.

Maybe what I'm calling for is the broadening of horizons. Maybe I'm just thirsty for a worship experience where I don't have leadership responsibility. Maybe I just felt like rambling about worship for a little bit.