Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Loving These 'Just Writing About Stuff' Posts

I love fall...but we've moved past nice fall and now we're into brown not-quite-winter fall, which is not as fun. It's a rainy morning. I'm a fan of rainy mornings. I'm generally a fan of precipitation in its non-threatening forms, which is a reason I want to visit Seattle. My wife doesn't think I really have any other good reasons (my best one is 'I've never been there') and she thinks that the rain is a reason NOT to visit. We've been together almost seven years and married almost 3 1/2 and we haven't taken a honeymoon yet. Seattle is not on that list.

At the same time I don't want to go to one of the cliched places: Hawaii, Bahamas, Florida Keys, any place mentioned in a Beach Boys song...wow look, another sunny beach. Hey, we can hang out with some of the other 5,000,000 honeymooning couples at our campy 'we have to appease the tourists' pig roast.

You know where I want to go? Stratford, Ontario, Canada. They have a Shakespeare festival that we've attended before, and it's a beautiful town besides. We could spend the week there, see some plays, wander through the little shops. My parents took an Alaskan cruise for their 25th anniversary, which I thought sounded equally as fun. Or Maine. We could hang out in a nice little New England port town, have some lobster, see more little shops. Sigh....

I'm a fan of professional wrestling. I've been watching for over 15 years. Call it a guilty pleasure (To recap: Pastor Jeff likes The Sopranos, The Sneaker Pimps, Professional Wrestling, Family Guy...). Perhaps you've heard about the recent death of Eddie Guerrero. Every once in a while, a wrestler's death is high-profile enough that mainstream media picks it up for a few minutes, sometimes during the sports segment, sometimes right before the waterskiing squirrel. There's always speculation about steroids, and there is pretty solid precedent for that. From what I know, Eddie had cleaned up. But certain effects linger, and that could have contributed.

Anyway, people have held vigils for musicians like Elvis, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain. People mourned River Phoenix, James Dean, Marilyn. They grieved JFK Jr. and Princess Di. People rallied when Pope John Paul II fell ill. Why? Because, even though people never met them personally, they connected with what they sang, how they acted, what they said, how they lived. It should not be that surprising, therefore, that wrestling fans are truly grieving Eddie Guerrero. Some poo-poo it because it's wrestling. Why grieve Reggie White? It's just football. Why grieve Lennon? He just wrote some songs.

If you mourned any of these people, you know why. People who mourn Eddie know why, too.