Thursday, November 24, 2005

Maybe It's the Tryptophan...

Once upon a time, a young pastor started the silly little blog that you are now reading. It was, as he has said, to serve as a focus for some of his writing endeavors. You see, he can't help but write. And he's always wanted to write well. The internet has served as an outlet for this need in various ways, which he has also explained before.

One day as he offered one version of this explanation, a fellow blogger left a comment that read as follows:

Let me suggest that next place to move to: I went from Forums to Blogs to.....books. So should you. You write with great accessibility, sensitivity, and clarity. The world is full of publishers.

The pastor chewed on that comment for a day or so, wondering if such a thing was possible; wondering if he was truly capable of such a task. To publish? Nay, that is for more serious writers than myself, he thought. How could I...publish?

From afar, another blogger announced the publishing of essays from his blog. From afar elsewhere, a group of pastors and their friends announced the publishing of an Advent devotional. From very near, a voluptuous goddess of a woman who had joined him in marriage just 3 1/2 years hence gently suggested such a project as a way to focus his creativity. These announcements and words of encouragement sparked something within the young pastor that he had attempted to snuff out previously. Could it be possible? Would he truly be capable? Would he bury himself in second guesses and endless editing in the name of absolute perfection? Or would he allow the inspiration provided by online colleagues and the suggestion of his hot wife to lead the way toward an unthinkable and ever risky project: the compiling and publishing of an honest-to-God BOOK?

What if the unthinkable was not so unthinkable after all?

To be continued...