Friday, November 04, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

I've been working my way through The God-Bearing Life: The Art of Soul-Tending for Youth Ministry. This book suggests an alternative form of youth ministry to the traditional Wednesday meeting model. Instead of enticing youth with pizza, invite them with the gospel. Instead of preoccupying them with games, involve them in life-changing projects. It's been a good theory book so far, but at times a little lean on practical application. But the theology of ministry the authors use is spectacular.

For Halloween we had a mixed bag of young adults from church and college friends over to watch a few Halloweenish movies. The first we saw was Shaun of the Dead, which is easily one of my favorites. It belongs in the same sub-genre (if there is such a thing) as the Evil Dead trilogy in terms of having Joe Average as the hero and the overall wit of the script. We then watched What Lies Beneath, which I'd also seen before but up until now hadn't realized that it was so long.

Before our movie-watching got underway, we hung out and talked with some music in the background. At one point one of our guests turned to me and said, 'This music is crazy.' I replied, 'It's a band called the Sneaker Pimps.' The pastor listens to a band called the Sneaker Pimps. Yeah.

Around the web, Monday Morning Insight hosts a long discussion about why young pastors leave the ministry.