Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pop Culture Roundup

The Roundup comes a day early this week, as tomorrow morning I see Harry Potter, tomorrow afternoon I stop by calling hours for a funeral at which I'm presiding Saturday, and I'm going to try to stay off the computer otherwise. So here we go...

Devil in the White City has fallen by the wayside, as I sort of expected it would. I just can't stick with history books for too long. I end up losing interest. Maybe I just need to intersperse it with other reading. I cruised through Borders while Christmas shopping and picked up Al Franken's latest, The Truth (With Jokes). I couldn't help myself as I had enjoyed his last book so much. He's a little more serious in this one, although it works for him. How is it that I can breeze through a political book, but not history? Interest in the subject, I guess.

As mentioned many times the past 24 hours, I'm seeing Harry Potter tomorrow morning. It's not the only movie I've seen this week, though. We sat down to watch Spanglish, which is a decent dramatic effort by Adam Sandler (although his trademark mannerisms are still there). Tea Leoni plays a neurotic wife and mother WAY too well. While these two actors headline the movie, the heart of the movie is Paz Vega's Spanish housekeeper and her daughter, played by Shelbie Bruce. The movie touches on themes of parent/child bonds, cross-cultural differences, and success. It's about equal parts drama and comedy. A good film, I thought.

TV-wise, there is some bad news and some hopefully good news. Bad news: I recently read that the order for episodes of Arrested Development got cut from 26 to 13. That's a sign that it might be cancelled. It's a much better written show than most comedies on TV right now. But when Fox focuses most of its marketing energy on Stacked, The War at Home, and all its dramas rather than a show that has won multiple awards, that sort of thing could happen. The hopefully good news? Michigan-Ohio State is Saturday. Michigan wins, I look forward to a peaceful year. Michigan loses...I have to face a bunch of gloating Buckeye fans on Sunday morning (if they wait that long).

Still listening to Klank.

Around the web, Wesley Blog hosts a discussion on 'inclusive' language* for God. It's a blast.

*I put it in quotes for a reason. Tune in soon for some elaboration.